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Dallas Cowboy Great Walt Garrison Busts A Rhyme | NFL Films Drawn

A new, animated take on “The Cowboy`s Cowboy” doing his classic recitation of the poem “People Are Funny Critters”.

Exclusive Interview With Walt Garrison

David Chapman of Chapman Sports Collectables LLC interviews former Dallas Cowboys Running back Walt Garrison about his ...

Drew Pearson Show Episode #7 HD Walt Garrison ( FOX Sports)

Drew Pearson Show - Episode #7 - HD LIVE from Dodge City of McKinney Texas Dallas Cowboy #32 Walt Garrison Segment was ...

OSU Hall of Honor - Walt Garrison

Walt Garrison played for the Oklahoma State Cowboy football team from 1963-65. He had seven 100-yard games, and currently ...

Walt Garrison whittles. WFAA. August 7, 1973.

Walt Garrison talks with WFAA's Verne Lundquist.

The Kinks - Early Dallas - Lee Roy Jordan & Walt Garrison

This was long ago (60's & 70's) when FB's and LB's didn't weigh 240 to 250 lbs. The song is just a back drop; it certainly has no ...

Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins Highlights (NFL 1971-72)

Stats: http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/history/boxscore/sbvi For Best Games, Plays, Moments & Highlights see: Larry Fitzgerald ...

Walt Garrison Cooking Brisket - 720p 1.mov

Smoking Brisket with Walt Garrison and The Cowboy's Cowboy Rub.

NFL Legend Walt Garrison: Join the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Dallas Cowboy's legend Walt Garrison tells why everyone who appreciates big bull elk needs to join the Rocky Mountain Elk ...

Walt Garrison Fumbles To Drew Pearson For A Cowboys Touchdown versus Raiders 1974

An unintentional fumble by Cowboys running back Walt Garrison inside the 5-yard line turns into an easy touchdown for teammate ...

People are funny critters

Former NFL player Walt Garrison reads a poem entitled "People are funny critters "

Cowboys Talks Before Win 1972

Some of the Dallas Cowboys players were talking about their super bowl win including Bob Lilly, Herb Adderley, Lee Roy Jordan, ...

TV Ads - 1985 - Armor All + Ben-Gay + Walt Garrison For Skoal Dip + Sears Tires

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