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We Got UTOTSSF Messi in FIFA Mobile 20!! Lionel Messi Gameplay and Review

The GOAT is here! We pick up the 196 Million Coin card UTOTSSF Messi! Watch the full streams on Twitch!

UTOTSSF Neymar Advanced Rainbow Review FIFA Mobile 20 | Claiming a New Prime Icon and TOTSSF Messi!

We claimed a Prime Icon, and opened 40 TOTSSF Packs to get UTOTSSF Neymar! Watch the full stream Twitch!

The Best Skill Move in FIFA Mobile 20! How to Do the McGeady Spin!

Get ready for the funnest and one of the most effective skill moves in FIFA Mobile 20! It is tough to master this skill, but what you ...

FIFA Mobile Gave Us a FREE New Years Master?!

Never forget to live each day, and tell those who matter how much they mean to you. RIP Peter. Follow us on Twitch!

We Finished the Zidane Campaign! How to Beat Liverpool and Juventus! FIFA Mobile 20! Plus POTW PES

Get ready for our PES Mobile POTW Packs, and our completion of the Zidane Campaign Journey! Follow us on Twitch!

The Most Intense Game of FIFA 19 I Have Ever Played! Stopde FUT Draft ep 4

We are back with another draft! This time with one of the most intense matches I have ever played! Follow us on Twitch!

We Got Prime Icon Ronaldinho in FIFA Mobile 19! How to Complete Ronaldinho for FREE!

We did it! We finished it, and it is time for some probability with stopde as we break down the math behind completing him as a f2p!

IRL Football Challenges! Crossbar, Corner, and Volley Soccer Challenges! Stopde vs Viking!

Get ready for our first major Soccer/ Football challenge against our good buddy viking! We go head to head to see who can hit the ...

We Packed UTOTY Ronaldo in a 2% Chance Pack! FIFA Mobile 20 Pack King is Back!

Follow us on Twitch! Proud Elgato partner - Love what you see? Donate and ...

The Best Defender in FIFA Mobile 20! 100 OVR Opara Review!

Our defensive lineup has been completed with the new TOTSSF Opara! Check out our biggest Packsanity of the Season!

Stopde Plays FIFA Mobile! Calcio A TOTS Bundle! Plus Upgraded TOTS Lionel Messi Gameplay

Ger ready for more TOTS action in FIFA Mobile! We open the Calcio A Bundle and show some gameplay with the 96 Lionel Messi!

We Got UTOTSSF Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile 20! Brand New Ronaldo Chop Skill Move!

It is UTOTSSF time!!! Follow us on twitch and don't miss a second of the live action! Check out our ...

We Got Prime Icon Ian Rush and De Jong! FIFA Mobile 20 Gameplay With Prime Icon Rush!

As much as I did not love this promo, I love all of you, and a lot of you really wanted to see him in action... so here he is!

We Got 98 OVR SBC Master Sancho in FIFA Mobile 20! Completing Every Advanced SBC!

Squad Builder Challenges are here in FIFA Mobile, and to start it off we claim Sancho!! Join up with the official Stopde Nation ...

The Greatest Pack Opening in FIFA History! Prime Icon Pull in the Program Bundle | FIFA Mobile 18

We open two Program Bundles! Each with 11 Program Packs, and beat the game! A legit, non-clickbait Prime Icon Pull... and ...

WE Got Prime Icon Zidane!! The Best Card in FIFA Mobile 20! #FIFAMobile

Follow us on Twitch! Proud Elgato partner - Love what you see? Donate and ...

We Opened Every UTOTY Player Pack in FIFA Mobile! UTOTY Messi is Here! #FIFAMobile

We are live on Twitch right now trying some more UTOTY Packs! Proud Elgato partner ...

We Got La Liga Rivals Messi! 98 OVR Lionel Messi Master Gameplay! FIFA Mobile 19

Download Onefootball for the latest transfer news and rumours - We got Messi!! Check out gameplay ...

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