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[email protected] Bragg

[email protected] presents bestselling authors free to the public through a unique partnership between Nashville Public Library, ...

Rick Bragg speaks at the 2010 Storytellers' Summit

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for “elegantly written stories of contemporary America,” and author of a brilliant trilogy about his family ...

Rick Bragg interview (2001)

Author and journalist Rick Bragg discusses his new book, "Ava's Man" about his grandfather. »»﴿───▻ See more on the ...

Rick Bragg tells his stories from his mom's southern kitchen

Author Rick Bragg shares how his mom's southern cooking changed the way he grew up in his new book "The Best Cook In The World"

Rick Bragg talks about his Jerry Lee Lewis biography

Writer Rick Bragg, while spending some time at his home in Fairhope, Ala., shares some thoughts and recollections of the subject ...

Rick Bragg on What It Takes to Be a Writer

Southern Living Facebook fan Kimberly Lamkin Drew asks, "Do you have to be a little bit crazy to be a successful writer?

Don't Lecture Me - Rick Bragg

Rick Bragg - Learning how to be a father late in life and how to bury a troubled childhood.

Rick Bragg's Advice for Writers

Southern Living Facebook fan Lisa Dougherty asks, "My son's getting ready to start college for journalism and loves to write.

Nashville Writers Circle-Rick Bragg and Roy Blount Jr.

Nashville Public Library presents Nashville Writers Circle, hosted by John Seigenthaler and Will Akers. Each program will feature ...

Rick Bragg on "Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story" at the 2014 Miami Book Fair

Rich Fahle interviews Rick Bragg, author of “Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story.” Nonfiction, biography, rock musicians.

What Is Rick Bragg Reading Now?

Ever wonder what an award-winning writer reads in his spare time? Watch and find out what Rick Bragg is reading right now.

Rick Bragg in Kalamazoo (Part 1)

The highlight of Kalamazoo Public Library's 2009 Reading Together program was Rick Braggs appearance in Kalamazoo.

The University of Alabama 2012 Last Lecture

Rick Bragg, Professor of Writing in the College of Communication and Information Sciences, presented his lecture entitled "So ...

A Soulful, Poignant Portrait of Working-Class Southern Life: A Masterly Family Chronicle (2001)

Rick Bragg (born July 26, 1959) is an American journalist and writer known for non-fiction books, especially those about his family ...

Rick Bragg on Digital Books

Southern Living Facebook fan Donna Streetenberger asks, "How has the emerging digital era of books helped or hurt your ...

Rick Bragg on 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "All Over But the Shoutin'" talks about Harper Lee's book and the effect it had on him.

Bookmark with Don Noble: Rick Bragg

Author Rick Bragg joins Don to talk about his memoir All Over But The Shoutin.

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