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Joe Rogan Experience #282 - Dr. Peter Duesberg & Bryan Callen

JRE #282 - Dr. Peter Duesberg, Bryan Callen, Brian Redban.

Virological Failure and Incomplete Response in HIV

Considerations of what to do when patients with HIV present with virological failure or incomplete virological response.

Faces of Berkeley: Professor Duesberg elaborates on his controversial HIV theory

Professor Duesberg speaks about his controversial HIV/AIDS theory for this week's Faces of Berkeley.


English/Nat Scientists from around the world began meeting in South Africa on Saturday to discuss the controversial issue of ...

Ending the HIV Epidemic: RADM Weahkee & Phoenix Indian Medical Center

Rear Admiral Michael Weahkee, Principal Deputy Director of the Indian Health Service discusses President Trump's initiative to ...

Public Lecture: HIV/AIDS Research – Its History and Future

October 2016 Public-facing lecture from CSHL's three-day HIV/AIDS research meeting. Never before have the pioneers of the ...

Peter Duesberg Interview (HIV & Medical Science)

Peter Duesberg interview Nov.5, 1997 Moderated by Ronald Chase, M.D. Live from Bohemia, NY HIV & Medical Science.

Peter Duesberg - interviewed in film 'Positively False - Birth of A Heresy'

Dr Peter Duesberg interviewed 1989-92. Excerpts from film "Positively False- Birth of a heresy (2011)". Source: Immunity ...

Peter Duesberg, PhD

Peter Duesberg, PhD, presents "the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis-30 Years Later" at the 2015 IAOMT Annual Conference in Las Vegas, ...

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Scientific Integrity by Dr. Peter Duesberg

The HIV=AIDS hypothesis doesn't agree with the germ theory of disease. This is explained in this presentation by Dr. Peter ...

prof. Peter Duesberg HIV non causa l'AIDS

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Dr. Peter Duesberg: A Cautionary Tale - House of Numbers

From the House of Numbers DVD Deluxe Edition comes eye-opening information. Dr. Peter Duesberg discusses the danger and ...

Peter Duesberg and The Nagel Family - Rethinking AIDS 2009

Following a screening of Brent Leung's "House of Numbers" Peter Duesberg and the Nagel family take questions from the ...

What is wrong with AIDS Theory

1 ...


Peter Duesberg is just an example of modern ostracism based on dogma propagandized in the interest of the "health" industries.

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