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Jordan Burroughs vs. Nate Carr at 2013 Las Vegas/ASICS U.S. Open

Jordan Burroughs vs. Nate Carr in a FS 74 KG Quarterfinal at the 2013 Las Vegas/ASICS U.S. Open.

Dave Schultz v. Nate Carr 1987 US Nationals

the late Dave Schultz takes on Nate Carr at the finals of the 1987 US Nationals.

1987 US Open Dave Schultz vs Nate Carr

Before winning a Bronze in the 1988 Seoul Olympics Carr wrestled this match against Dave Schultz. Carr also won 3 NCAA titles ...

Nate Carr on his epic battles with Kenny Monday

Three-time NCAA champion and Olympic bronze medalist Nate Carr shares his recollections on his rivalry with Kenny Monday, ...

Nate Carr 12-3-10 at Iowa

Nate Carr Match at Iowa.

nate carr duckunders2

nate carr duckunders 2.

Arsen Fadzaev v. Nate Carr 1989 World Cup

68 kg bout at the 1989 World Cup between Arsen Fadzaev of The Soviet Union and Nate Carr of the USA.

Nate Carr was never afraid when he stepped on the mat

Nate was a three-time NCAA champion for Iowa State and a 1988 Olympic bronze medalist. Now he coaches his son -- and others ...

68 KG Nate Carr (USA) vs Arsen Fadzaev (RUS) - 1990 Goodwill Games

1990 Goodwill Games 68 KG Nate Carr (USA) vs Arsen Fadzaev (RUS)

68 KG - Nate Carr (USA) vs Arsen Fadzayev (URS) - FORFIET- 1988 Fiesta Bowl Takedown

1988 Fiesta Bowl Takedown USA vs Soviet Union 68 KG Nate Carr (USA) vs Arsen Fadzayev (URS)

Nate Carr jr Highlights

Nate Carr jr Highlights in college and freestyle.

Olympic Wrestler & Coach Nate Carr Explains How to Overcome “NO” ep.017 Nate Carr grew up with a full team of elite wrestlers in his backyard. Out of five competing ...

Three-time NCAA champ Nate Carr on being back at Iowa State

Nate Carr, who won three straight naitonal titles to close his Hall of Fame ISU college career, is one of the top coaches at the ...

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