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Larry Jennings - The Ambitious Classic

The Famous Ambitious Card performed by Larry Jennings.

Larry Jennings False Cut Performance [HD]

Visit for more! ▻ This week I want to share with you all an awesome false cut that I have ...

Larry Jennings - FO06

Fuori Orario - MastersOfMagic WebTV.

Larry Jennings - The Homing Card

The legend performing a classic trick.

The Ambitious Classic By Larry Jennings: Performance

Credit To This Trick (The Ambitious Classic By Larry Jennings): Deck I Used ...

Larry Jennings - Oil and Water

Larry Jennings - Oil and Water.

Roth Remembers - Larry Jennings

Check out our web series, Roth Remembers, featuring our Master-in-Residence, David Roth. This week David discusses Larry ...

Larry Jennings - Open Travellers

Jennings, Larry 1933-1997 (USA)

Larry Jennings "A logical conclusion"

A-1 MagicMedia ALL STARS Volumen 1.

Quick Aces - Jennings/Marlo - performance Allan Ackerman

This effect is from the minds of Ed Marlo and Larry Jennings. The main move is the B.D.E. and Marlo published this sleight in ...

Close-Up Illusion by Larry Jennings presented by Michael Ammar

The gimmick does all the work, and the trick looks stunning -- EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

The Ambitious Classic By Larry Jennings: Insane Card Trick Performance and Tutorial.

What's up everyone, Cardtrix 8 here. In today's video I'll be performing and teaching a truley mind-blowing effect known as the ...

Triple discovery - Larry Jennings

Voici mon interprétation de l'effet de Larry Jennings, Triple discovery.

Larry Jennings..Visitor. Card Mat Tutorials.

Hello again, Had a request to do one by Larry Jennings. I hope you like this one Jaylen Gardner. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks ...

(tour) Five cards assembly - Larry Jennings

un pur classique ! un merveilleux tour du grand Larry Jennings ! bon week end ! il y'a maintenant les sous titres en: -Anglais ...

Larry jennings - cup & balls

larry jennings cup and balls,by one of the legends of magic.

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