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Kerri Evans wins in the 2015 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Kerri Evans from DHL Express wins Stevie Award at the 12th annual Women in Business Stevie Award in New York, New York.

Dance Moms: Peyton's Costume Is Trash (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c! Kerri is livid that Abby has glued actual trash to Peyton's costume in this clip from Season Six's ...

Dance Moms: Bonus Scene: Holly Comforts Kerri (Season 6, Episode 5) | Lifetime

Holly offers her support when Kerri has a mid-rehearsal meltdown in this bonus scene from Season 6 Episode 5, "Abby's ...

Mariah Carey - Without You (Live Video Version)

Mariah Carey's official music video for 'Without You'. Click to listen to Mariah Carey on Spotify: ...

Peyton Evans 2015 Jazz Solo Age 5

5 years old dancer from Utah! Follow her on Instagram.

Peyton Age 4 at Dixie Spectacular

Intermediate Queen Pee-Wee Winner. Age 4.

Peyton Evans at Utah Dance Fest

Beginning Over-All Title Winner. Age 4.

Dance Moms Kerri And Peyton Leave The Show

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My Hair La Vie Review

My Hair LaVie Review If you want to try this product go to use code HAIRLOVE! Comment below your progress!

Peyton Thanksgiving Point

Intermediate Queen Pee-Wee Winner. Age 6.

Janet Evans wins Gold - Women's 800m Freestyle | Barcelona 1992 Olympics

Highlights as the USA's Janet Evans wins Gold in the Women's 800m Freestyle event during the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Met A Big Fan Named President Obama

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were once invited over to the home of a regular viewer of 'The Americans.' That home turned out ...

Peyton Jazz and Lyrical

Mr Big Stuff Jazz Reflection Lyrical.

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