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Kennadi Boese I Will Fly. Nationals 2012. Peitie Miss Dance. Dance Masters of America. 9 years old

Kennadi Boese 10 years old Contemporary Dance Dance Masters of America 1st Runner Up Petite Miss Dance of America 2012.

Kennadi Boese - Dancer

Kennadi Boese Dancer - Los Angeles Summer 2014 Video/edit: Katie Calder (CDX PRODUCTIONS) No copyright intended.

Kennadi Boese

Kennadi Boese 12 Years Old @kennadiboese_.

Kennadi Boese and Alycen Berridge-Father Daughter Dancee Practice with our big brothers

Our dads cannot be here to learn the dance so we are practicing with our big brothers and we will have to teach the dads! We love ...

Kennadi Boese Nuvo

Kennadi Boese 12 year old dancer at Nuvo Dance Convention in Denver.

Kennadi Boese / Alycen Berridge Choreograph Jazz Funk Dance to "Dirrty Up" by Bobby Newberry

Student Choreography (we choreographed this routine with no help in 2 weeks and got it ready to perform) Talent on Parade ...

Get to Know: Kennadi Boese

Interview of 12 year old Kennadi Boese Instagram --- Twitter --- Facebook ...

Kennadi Boese Hip Hop Class "Lips are Movin"

Kennadi Boese teaching class at "Poetry in Motion Dance Productions" Original Choreography: Charm La'donna "Lips are Movin" ...

kennadi boese- sephora haul:)

hey guys so i went to sephora and bought some stuff, and decided to show you, i hope you enjoy!

Kennadi Boese - Pulse Solo Performance- 12 years old

Kennadi Boese solo performance 12 years old choreographed by Danielle Mass Pulse on Tour Palm Springs 2015.

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