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Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt Retires - A Interview

After 21 years of making children squeal with laughter, the sleepy Wiggle, Jeff Fatt is retiring. He's turning over his purple skivvy to ...

10,000 Dreams | 1146 | Jeff Fatt (OG Purple Wiggle)

My dream is to have a dream in life.” 10000 Dreams | 1146 | Jeff Fatt (OG Purple Wiggle)

Fitz & Jeff Fatt of The Wiggles surf on the BOSU!

Jeff and Fitz demonstrate simple back and hip stretches one can do anywhere, and get a great leg and glute workout surfing on ...

Classic Wiggles: Wake Up Jeff! (Part 1 of 4)

Enjoy Part 1 of the Classic Wiggles video "Wake Up Jeff!" released way back in 1996! Subscribe to our channel for more Wiggly ...

A Documentary about Jeff Fatt and Greg Page The Two Original Wiggles

Orthostatic Intolerance - Black Out, Fatigue and Blurred Vision Cardiac Arrhythmia - Heart Beating Fast or Slow and Cardiac Arrest ...

Jeff Fatt: "There's No Need To Shout!!!!!!!!!" (Normal, Fast & Slow)

I thought this is very funny!!! LOL! He sounds like Angry Grandpa!

Wake Up Jeff! - Wiggles Reunion, 2016

Wake Up Jeff! - Wiggles Reunion, 2016.

Where's Jeff

This is a really funny parody done by the chasers about the wiggles. Called "where's jeff?"

SML Movie: Fat Jeffy

Jeffy gets fat because he won't eat his vegetables.

The Wiggles - Best of Jeff

Here's the Best of Jeff, one of the most awesome Wiggles members to star in the group.

Awesome Jeff Tribute

This video was made for Jeffrey Wayne Fatt, the purple Wiggle! My purple rain, my piano man, my sugar and PLUM!!! I LOVE YOU ...

Countdown: Do Yourself A Favour- The Cockroaches Segment- November 23, 2014

A segment from part two of the two-part special 'Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour', a special celebrating the 40th Anniversary of ...

The Wiggles performing at Castle Hill RSL to raise funds for bushfire charities | 7NEWS

NSW Fires: The Wiggles say the two over 18s concert charity concerts featuring their original members - Greg Page, Murray Cook ...

The Wiggles Quiz (The Merrick & Rosso Show) Written & performed by Tim Ross and Merrick Watts Executive Produced by ...

The Wiggles: Jeff Sleepwalks and thinks he's a Cow (Part 1)

The Wiggles: Jeff Sleepwalks and thinks he's a Cow (Part 1) from The Wiggles (TV Series 2) Episode 26: Cows & Ducks No ...

Surfer Jeff Intro (2012)

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