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How to Make The Perfect Avocado Toast with Jaymee Sire | Brunch Boys

Avocado Toast is one of those things that on the surface seems like a pretty simple dish, but there are still alot of tips and tricks to ...

Brunch Boys Brunch With Jaymee Sire

We got brunch with former ESPN and Food Network personality Jaymee Sire at our favorite brunch spot in Williamsburg, Sunday ...

The Leg & Cleavage Show ft. Jaymee Sire | ESPN

Jaymee Sire from 6/22/16 edition of ESPN Sportscenter. Jaymee is showing major cleavage for ESPN, and major thigh meat.

Let's Noods N Chill and Eat Thai Food with Jaymee Sire ! | Brunch Boys

I'm feeling lucky that a new highly regarded Thai place, Noods N Chill has opened just up the street from me! So Jaymee Sire ...

The BEST Tuna Melt! Cooking Live with Jaymee Sire | Brunch Boys

The best Tuna Melt Ive ever had was from Golden Diner in New York City, so Jaymee Sire joined me Live to see if we could make ...

The Jaymee Sire Effect | ESPN

A collection of Jaymee Sire for the week. Jaymee's showing a little thigh and a lot of leg in stockings; also looking nice in leather ...

Jaymee Sire Ice Bucket Challenge on SportsCenter

Jaymee takes the Ice Bucket Challenge with a little help from Rhode Island Coach David Belisle and throws the challenge to Jay ...

Jaymee Sire: Murder Week | ESPN

Jaymee Sire (for her) killed it this week. A lot of thigh and open toe shoes. There's no place to go but down from here.

Jaymee Sire Leg Cross Bonanza | ESPN

Jaymee Sire from ESPN Sportscenter, showing off her meaty legs this time on a high chair. I miss the high table they used to sit at.

Jaymee Sire | All Saints Day | ESPN

Jaymee Sire showing off her thighs in a short, green skirt. From 3.17.16 edition of ESPN Sportscenter.

SportsNet Central Anchors Jaymee Sire and Dave Benz Race in the 40-yard-dash

SportsNet Central Anchors Jaymee Sire and Dave Benz talked a little trash on the early news, then backed up their talk when they ...

Jaymee Sire Thigh Showcase | ESPN

Jaymee Sire in that nice teacher/secretary outfit displaying her nice thighs.

Jaymee Sire Baby Fat Thighs | ESPN

Jaymee Sire showing some thigh and rear from ESPN Sportscenter.

Bobby Flay Judges ESPN’s Café Cook-Off | SportsCenter | ESPN Archives

(May 24, 2016) Take a look back when Bobby Flay and Jaymee Sire judged an NBA-themed cooking competition between two ...

Jaymee Sire-O-Rama | ESPN

Jaymee Sire showing off her legs in stockings and a small profile shot. From ESPN Sportscenter.

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