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Believe in You: Season 2. Episode 2- Houston Kraft

Houston Kraft is a renowned speaker and kindness advocate who teaches students nationwide how to spread kindness. Learn his ...

2016 YJA Convention - Keynote by Houston Kraft

In an incredibly engaging manner, Houston Kraft gives the keynote address at the 2016 YJA Convention and shows attendees what ...

VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY: Houston Kraft - Making Kindness Normal (Kindness)

CharacterStrong's Co-Founder, Houston Kraft, talks about why Kindness needs to be more normal in our lives and our world.

Houston Kraft – Making Kindness Normal

Kindness isn't usually our default setting. It's easy to go through our days focusing on what we have on our to-do lists and ignoring ...

Houston Kraft: How to genuinely LOVE someone that hurt you

Lets be straight up, we have all gotten hurt by someone we trusted or loved. & most of us hold those grudges for a lifetime BUT ...

"Where's First Base" - Houston Kraft Commencement Speech

Ridgefield High School's 101st Commencement. Houston Kraft was the guest speaker, sharing his words of encouragement with ...

Kindness Is Almost Always A Sacrifice with Houston Kraft | Speaker + Kindness Advocate

Houston Kraft is a kindness advocate. He's the Founder of Choose Love Org which sole purpose is to help the world live love a ...


How would you treat people if you knew their story? We all need a little less fear in our life and a lot more love.

Motivational Monday with Houston Kraft

Today's Motivational Monday video comes to us from Houston Kraft. Make sure to check out http://www.characterstrong.com.

Meeting Houston Kraft, Speaker + Kindness Advocate

This is the behind the scenes for Episode 107, Kindness Is Almost Always A Sacrifice with Speaker and Kindness Advocate ...


http://www.houstonkraft.com/ A short film about cyberbullying. Just because we type it or text it, doesn't make it any less real.

"Lovely Reminders" Campaign by Houston Kraft

Choose Love, a message from motivational speaker, Houston Kraft, our partner for the "Lovely Reminders" Campaign.

VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY: Houston Kraft - 1% Famous (Selflessness)

Houston talks about what it means to be famous, how to carry milk, and finding joy in service. @houstonkraft.

Houston Kraft Speaking at Bellarmine Preparatory School

Professional speaker Houston Kraft spoke to the students of Bellarmine on August 30, 2017. Here is a preview of his speech.

Houston Kraft visits Cougar Mountain Middle School

Recently, Houston Kraft spoke at Cougar Mountain Middle School to share his thoughts on love and respect. He also worked with ...

Love Is:

Life is about learning to ask the question: "What is Love?" ...in a different way than Haddaway did. _ Created By: Houston Kraft ...

Houston Kraft visits Chinook to promote kindness

Keynote speaker and leadership coach Houston Kraft talked to Chinook Middle School students and staff about "those little ...

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