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FRANCESCO SCAVULLO / GIA CARANGI 1979 [DISCLAIMER] I do not own the rights to this video FRANCESCO SCAVULLO ...

The Amazing Gia Carangi- Forever Young (200 pictures)

I DO N0T CLAIM TO OWN ANY MATERIAL USED IN THIS VIDEO. Gia Carangi was a beautiful talented supermodel who died at ...

Gia's Mom Opens Up: "After the Fact, I Realized She Was Saying Goodbye."

In a Dr. Phil exclusive, the mother of "The Bachelor" star Gia Allemand opens up about her daughter's recent suicide. Gia's mother ...

Gia Carangi Possibly Too Little Too Late With Sandy Linter And Carol Alt

In remembrance of 26 years of Gia's life/26 years after Gia's death. Carol Alt and Sandy Linter Possibly Too Little Too Late.


Gone but never Forgotten....

The Tragic Self-Destruction Of Gia, America’s First Supermodel

Gia Carangi was considered the first supermodel. But her rise was short-lived. She ended up drug addicted and having AIDS.

Model At Work: Carol Alt & Sandy Linter Discuss Gia Carangi.

Carol talks to Sandy about modeling with Gia Directed by Michael Dispenza

Gia Carangi - From Baby to 26 Year Old

Gia Carangi - From Baby to 26 Year Old Forum about game

Harry King And Sandy Linter: The Real Gia Carangi

In remembrance of 26 years of Gia's life/26 years after Gia's death. Directed by Michael Dispenza

gias mother reads a letter from gia

also more people talk about her !!!short doc about gia from people who knew her and live footage of gia talking!! some rare to love ...

gia carangi story part 1 i put this together as it should of been hope you like it.

Gia Carangi | Tutorial | Beauty Beacons

Gia Carangi, the first super model, is this episode's Beauty Beacon! I'm going to recreate her iconic hair and makeup look. Enjoy!

Gia Carangi - 55' Anniversary

Tribute to Gia Carangi for her 55th birthday. Eternal diva.

Gia Carangi - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

Gia Carangi in photos. Gia Marie Carangi (January 29, 1960 -- November 18, 1986) was an American fashion model during the ...

Gia Carangi and Sandy Linter | Fire Love Gia and Sandy was unusual , strange to some people ...

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