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DevonSings: Take Me to Church

Hey guys! Felt like singing again so here is a highly requested cover! :^) LOVE YA Follow me on Twitter!

"Slay, Slay, Slay" Devon's Reaction

A fan named Cesar tweeted me this video he made and the first 5 seconds were amazing so I recorded my reaction! I cried...

Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

I'm Pansexual?

People always ask me if I'm gay, and here is my answer. Hopefully this makes sense and now you understand me a little more!

Devon Battilega - Little Things (Lyrics)

Subscribe for more Devon & Joey related stuff! I have Jevon video in plans... :D CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS Thank you all sooo ...

DevonDoes: PaxPrime 2014 Part 2!

The last half of my PAX Prime Vlog footage! :D Hope you guys enjoy this video! lelelelelelelel ...


Enjoy a video recording of my watch party! If you would like to view this sequester without the commentary, visit their website!

Skinny Love With Devon Battilega!

So I hope you enjoy it!!!! Devon: STAY STRONG!!

Inspirational Shower Q&A :D

LOOK A VIDEO. A QLEAN AND AYYYY LMAO idk :^) Merchandise Store! Follow me ...

Leaving Oklahoma!

So think I might just use this as my only channel and upload my covers/vlogs/etc here! Exclusive footage of me preparing to leave ...

SEQUESTER - Heroes VS Villains - Watch Party with Devon ft. Special Guest(s)?!

Hello everyone! I have recently started hosting watch parties of Sequester Mini which is an online social competition that creates ...

DevonSings: "Chandelier" by Sia

I hope you guys enjoy this cover! I know you all jam out to this song when it comes on ;) If you want to watch more covers, Search ...

Take Me To Church With Devon Battilega!

I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the bad quality! Devon: STAY STRONG!!

SLAY, SLAY, SLAY -- A Tribute to Devon Mines and Rose

Guys, I made a new channel where I'll post more of these songs. Go subscribe if you want more! ^^ ...

Werewolf Dance - Devon Battilega

Inspired by Youtube and Improv dance, I decided to do this for the CHS 2010 Talent show. I am proud that this is my first solo.

Devonti Spilling Devon's Cube Tea

It's sad that I even have to make this video and it sucks, but I'm done with the crap. It's time to take my stand and start moving ...

Devon Battilega and Randon Macias downtown in flagstaff lol

so like we went downtown on a sunday and were totally awhone.

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