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Dave Schultz and John Du Pont

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UFC 9 Free Fight: Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge (1996)

In his one and only MMA bout, 1984's US Olympic gold medal winning freestyle wrestler Mark Schultz went from the mats to the ...

Dave Schultz wins his first Olympic Gold in 1984 #1

I am going to start a series of 1984 Olympic matches with this gold-medal match. Dave Schultz is by far the greatest wrestler and ...

Dave Schultz vs Katinovashov, 1995 World Cup: Full Wrestling Match | From the Vault

Follow Wrestling: https://therudis.com/wrestling-news-media/ Stay connected with RUDIS: Website: https://therudis.com/ ...

Single Leg Lift: Wrestling Moves with Dave Schultz | From the Vault

Wrestling Moves with Dave Schultz: Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion Follow Wrestling: ...

1988 Olympic Trials Dave Schultz v/s Kenny Monday Bout 2

1988 Olympic Trials Dave Schultz v/s Kenny Monday Bout 2 from Pensacola, Fl.

Dave Schultz vs Terry O'Reilly Jan 25, 1976

Dave Schultz vs Terry O'Reilly from the Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins game on Jan 25, 1976. via ...

NHL Enforcers: Dave "The Hammer" Schultz

Some highlights and fights from one of the original bad boys of the NHL.

I Had a Blast. Thanks. - Dave Schultz | From the Vault

Dave possessed an innate ability to listen, to connect, and to make people feel understood. Throughout his short life, Dave ...

Dave Schultz v. Taram Magomadov 1987 Tbilisi

Gold Medal match at the 1987 Tbilisi Tournament. Dave Schultz v. Taram Magomadov. Unfortunately match was cut short ...

John Smith drilling with Dave Schultz

Quick drill session with John Smith and Dave Schultz at the 1989 World Cup.

dave schultz at larry robinson

and the whole world cheered!!

Dave Schultz vs Terry O'Reilly Round 3 & Bobby Clarke scores the OT game winning goal

Dave the Hammer Schultz ( Philadelphia Flyers ) vs Terry O'Reilly ( Boston Bruins ) - NHL hockey fight May 9, 1974.

Dave Schultz Olympic Gold #2

Continuation of dave Schultz Gold Medal Olympic Finals in 1984.

Dr. David Schultz calls Hulk Hogan a homo-sexual

Old AWA interview with Dr. Death David Schultz calling Hulk Hogan a woman. Check how Mean Jean starts crackin up ...

Infamous Killers: John du Pont | A&E

Discover John du Pont's strange, wealthy upbringing and his murder of wrestler Dave Schultz. Eccentric millionaire John du Pont ...

Terry Brands On Dupont, Dave Schultz, And The Foxcatcher Experience

Iowa wrestling Terry Brands shares his thoughts on John DuPont, Dave Schultz, and his experiences at Foxcatcher farms ...

Philadelphia Flyers Dave "The Hammer" Schultz NHL Fight Video

Dave "The Hammer" Schultz was the original "Broad Street Bully". He terrorized the NHL in the mid to late '70s and was an ...

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