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Al McGuire on Olympic Basketball, !988

San Diego Olympic training center reference.

Al McGuire

Al talks about the “two dollar bettors” and “the guy that rides the bus and drinks a glass of beer.”

The Al McGuire Dance

NOW AVAILABLE AS A T-SHIRT!!! This is the dance. Do this dance.

Enberg on McGuire: "Al McGuire is the most incredible character I've ever met"

Spotlight, Dick Enberg: The Stories of My Life debuts Thursday, 9/22 on FOX Sports San Diego.

Al McGuire 1985 NCAA Final Four Show

Al McGuire's Final Four Special preview and season recap.

A Golden Moment

FOX6's 2002 sports special marks the 25th anniversary of Marquette's 1977 championship in men's basketball. The Emmy-Award ...

COACH: The Untold Story of College Basketball Legend Al McGuire

As Al McGuire's broadcasting partner for 10 years, Dick Enberg gained intimate access to his friend's colorful, creative, poetic, ...

Coach: The Untold Story of College Basketball Legend Al McGuire Promotional Video

Dick Enberg describes the one man play he wrote about Al McGuire called COACH: The Untold Story of College Baskeball ...

1981 Al McGuire and Joe B Hall Sing "The Gambler"

In this clip played at halftime of the Kentucky vs North Carolina game on 12/26/1981, Al McGuire joins Coach Joe B Hall for a ...

I Remember | Program | #1208 -- Rick Majerus

[Original Airdate: November 21, 2005] Guest Rick Majerus, long-time college basketball coach and ABC/ESPN sports analyst, ...

Al McGuire on Mike Gousha

Mike Gousha is leaving WTMJ and is doing a clip show of his Sunday Night program. Al made the list.

NCAAM - 1979 - Special - Two College Coaching Legends Talk Basketball - With Al McGuire + Abe Lemons has the largest and most diverse BASKETBALL video library online.

1977 NCAA Championship Game Marquette vs North Carolina

Marquette, coached by Al McGuire, won the national title with a 67--59 victory in the final game over North Carolina, coached by ...

Al McGuire Rides Through Milwaukee on his Harley-Davidson

Archival television footage of legendary Marquette basketball coach Al McGuire on his Harley-Davidson, riding through ...

March Madness with Al McGuire interview

I didn't know him when I was a student at Marquette. It wasn't until several years later -- after he had won the NCAA championship ...

Al Mcguire Quotes

What was your favorite Al Mcguire quote? 'Like' and leave a comment below, then jump over to ...

The Rep's Production Honoring Al McGuire

Few names trigger more memories and smiles in Milwaukee than Al McGuire, Marquette University's legendary basketball coach.

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