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To Whom It May Concern

Adrian Mitchell reading "To Whom It May Concern" at the International Poetry Incarnation in Royal Albert Hall, London (1965).

Adrian Mitchell: Tell Me Lies

Here Adrian reads what he called the 21st-century remix of his famous protest poem 'To Whom It May Concern (Tell me lies about ...

Back in the Playground Blues by Adrian Mitchell

This poem and many others by Adrian Mitchell and other poets can be viewed on the Poetry Channel, a UK pilot website created ...

The Beat Generation - Poetry Reading - Royal Albert Hall 1965

Lawrence Ferlinghetti 3:35 Michael Horovitz 5:05 Gregory Corso 5:55 Harry Fainlight 9:00 Simon Vinkenoog 9:23 Adrian Mitchell ...

Undervisning Adrian Mitchell Human Beings

Undervisning Adrian Mitchell Human Beings.

Adrian Mitchell reads What is Poetry?

Adrian Mitchell reads What is Poetry? and also Human Beings, at Dennis Gould's 70th birthday party.

Branding Pen of my Father | What will I tell Him | Adrian Buckaroogirl | Waddie Mitchell

Hello everyone! I know that there is the LIVE version of "Branding Pen of my Father/ What Will I tell Him" with Waddie up on ...

Beat Poets at The Royal Albert Hall 1965 (Legendary Poetry Reading)

One of the best poetry readings ever. Royal Albert Hall: Summer 1965. London/England Poetry Readers: Lawrence Ferlinghetti ...

Adrian Mitchell - To whom it may concern (tell me lies about Vietnam)

Adrian Mitchell at the royal albert hall reciting his poem "tell me lies about Vietnam", part of a larger poetic piece called "to whom it ...

Adrian Mitchell (1932-2008)

Adrian's death has come as a shocking blow to all his family, friends, fellow poets and readers. He had been suffering from ...

Adrian Mitchell reads "To You" at John Peel's "Night Ride" (1968-03-06)

To You by Adrian Mitchell One: we were swaddled, ugly-beautiful and drunk on milk. Two: cuddled in arms always covered by ...

Tribute to Adrian Mitchell

Jude Rawlins reads and pays tribute to the great Blakean poet Adrian Mitchell.

Victor Jara - Poem by Adrian Mitchell

I have put my own melody to this poem by Adrian Mitchell and also added an additional line to each verse. Victor Jara came to my ...

Mono - Poems by Adrian Mitchell and Rae Armantrout

"Stunted Sonnet" by Adrian Mitchell and "Hate" by Rae Armantrout. Music by Irah Cane.

Adrian Mitchell: 1968 - What to cherish and what to discard

Adrian Mitchell: 1968 - What to cherish and what to discard Final rally at 1968 and all that event.

Adrian Mitchell

Adrian Mitchell at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester on 22/10/08. Manchester Literature Festival.

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