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Aaron Downey vs Cam Janssen Mar 3, 2009

Aaron Downey vs Cam Janssen from the Detroit Red Wings at St. Louis Blues game on Mar 3, 2009. via ...

Aaron Downey OTR - Next Question

Aaron Downey on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg. Clip from the show's "Next Question" of December 18 2009.

Peter Worrell vs Aaron Downey Feb 20, 2004

Peter Worrell vs Aaron Downey from the Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars game on Feb 20, 2004. via ...

Aaron Downey vs Todd Fedoruk Dec 21, 2005

Aaron Downey vs Todd Fedoruk from the St. Louis Blues at Anaheim Ducks game on Dec 21, 2005. via ...

downey vs. boulerice

awesome hockey fight between aaron downey and jesse boulerice.

Aaron Downey Fight Collection

This is a collection of Aaron Downey fights throughout his career. If you like'd this and want more fights email me at ...

The Runaway Duck

Prince Michael's ducklings return home for the summer when Michael notices Gabe is having a hard time. Turn on Closed ...

Aaron Downey vs Brad Norton

4/16/06 - Montreal at Ottawa, Aaron Downey squares off against Brad Norton, the fight that changed the NHL forever...

Bob Probert vs Aaron Downey

Bob Probert ( Chicago Blackhawks ) vs Aaron Downey ( Boston Bruins ) - NHL hockey fight Sep 24, 1999.

Aaron Downey vs Tyson Nash Round 1 & 2

Tyson Nash ( Phoenix Coyotes ) vs Aaron Downey ( Dallas Stars ) - NHL hockey fight Jan 2, 2004.

Aaron Downey getting down with his bad self!

Aaron Downey giving everyone a little dance during the players party back in Detroit after winning the Stanley Cup!

Aaron Downey Day Shelburne Honeywood Stanley Cup Parade

A video of Aaron Downey bringing the Stanley Cup to Shelburne and Honeywood Ontario for the day. What a great day it was!

Aaron Downey Fight Video Version 2

I know I already one video, but I added some new highlights.

Parros vs Downey Feb 10, 2008

George Parros vs Aaron Downey from the Anaheim Ducks at Detroit Red Wings game on Feb 10, 2008. via ...

Aaron Downey vs Brad Norton Nov 23, 2002

Aaron Downey vs Brad Norton from the Dallas Stars at Los Angeles Kings game on Nov 23, 2002. via ...

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